Can I earn some extra money?

Yes of course!

In a previous blog on Nethover I have discussed about the three basic ways of earning.

Everyone is free to live as well as earn, from their best chosen profession. Are you?

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Well, this blog will clear your doubts about earning some extra money by working from the home, office, park, terrace, or maybe your balcony.

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To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Do you have a computer or a smartphone or tablet or laptop maybe?
  • Do you want to start for free?
  • Do you have the patience?
  • Do you have a valid payment account/Bank account?

Let’s consider “YES” for all the questions asked.

To begin with, you need to understand what you can do. What is your expertise, because that is what your main content will be to connect with the viewers, advertisers, and followers.

In one of the previous blogs I have stated about 3 ways, SELL, PROVIDE SERVICES, GET A JOB for earning. Let’s assume you are already into a job and earning something and still have time to explore other two options for future security.

Now, for both Selling and providing services online from your comfort zone you need some platform to showcase your work or product for getting work of your choice and to sell through affiliated links.

An affiliate link is a specific URL that contains the affiliate's ID or username. Affiliate links look and work almost like any other URL. Plus they serve to pass traffic on to particular affiliate products and drive revenue

If you have not yet understood affiliated marketing, feel free to click the ‘Button‘ below.

Now to showcase your work through your content for getting work of your choice you can start with few sites that offer freelance.

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Suppose you are good at video editing or content writing or data analyzing or customer support or maybe coding. You need to and can sign up with anyone or many such freelancing sites and update your profile with all the information on your ability to provide the service, you want to offer, you also have the option to quote your price for your work, and at the same time you can explore & apply for jobs posted by many looking for the freelancers.

Sites that allow any freelancer to connect with clients are actually very helpful on both ends. The clients get to give maximum possible detailing and the freelancer enjoys better pay. There is better communication, the flexibility of choices, and a systematic way of dealing with things

Let’s see 5 most popular and earning driven site to start as a freelancer.

Click to reach

Now it is your time to do some net hovering and find which freelancing site suits you the best, always remember you can sign up with more than one website at a time and earn accordingly.

If you still have any doubt on this, please feel free to comment below.

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