What should I do?

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A question asked by everyone to themselves, either one time or many time in a lifetime.

A question that has given birth to many new inventions, discoveries and life.

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What should I do?

I should sleep for some moment
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  • I should focus on my own Ideas.
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♡ Always remember, whenever you are desperately looking for an answer for your questions, specially the one “What should I do” (मै क्या करू)? And you are feeling stressed & unhappy, try to calm down and sleep for sometime.

♡ Wake up buddy! You are unique and you have your own ideas and potential, so rather than wasting time in what others are doing and how, it is better to focus on what you can do and how.

Let’s try to decode one of the most common question of this century.


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3 important basics:
  • SELL, selling is one of the most traditional and effective way to earn. Sell any product and earn money from the buyer.
  • PROVIDE SERVICES, if you are good at providing any service helpful for others, you can earn from the person you are providing service for.
  • GET A JOB, work for someone or some company/organisation and you will earn as per the terms decided.
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Still can’t think how to get started?

Just write the first thing that pops into your head.

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