Didn’t you include “Mana Village” on your list of wanderlust?

The story of this village is as ancient as “Mahabharat”. It is said that when Maharshi Veda Vyas & Lord Ganesh was composing one of the two most important & ancient epics of India in a cave, few kilometres away from Badrinath, people from this village helped the sage with food, water and other necessities.

Mana Village

A place to find the mysteriously beautiful “Bramhakamal” (Lord Brahma’s Lotus) from the peak of Neelkanth 21,645 ft.

Mana Village
Neelkanth Peak

A place where Pandavas were said to have stayed during their journey to heaven, and a place to find an example of the superhuman power of Bheem who placed a huge rock formed as a bridge across river Saraswati to make way for Draupadi to cross the river.

Bheema Tal

Located at a height of 10500 ft from sea level with the mesmerising & memorizing beauty of a small part of Uttarakhand with a peak named “Queen of Gharwal”.

A Village with about 560 households and a population of about 1300 and counting.

If you have that lust for a trek and you have already reached Badrinath, get yourself ready for the walk of approximately 4 km to reach the last village of India before the India-Tibet border 26 km from Mana Village.

Other nearby trekking spots are.

  • “Mana to Vasudhara”(almost 2 hours) a waterfall located 9 km away from Badrinath temple.
  • “Mana to Satopanth”(Stony mountain trek) a lake with many religious believes, residents of Mana village throw the ashes of the dead in this lake since the date unknown.
  • “Mana to Deo Tal or Mana pass” (Lake of the gods) this lake is believed to be the origin of the Mythical Saraswati River. But make sure you have prior permission from the administration before the trekking as this pass is only used by the Indian Army for carrying supplies to border posts and you can trek only during September.

Don’t forget to visit the natural spring which is believed to be the habitat of Lord Agni and has many medicinal values and can be visited throughout the year.

Tapt Kund

The tea & coffee stalls here call themselves the last coffee seller of India before Mana Pass or maybe the border, though that was not the fact.

The actual locals from this village and nearby are recognised as Bhotias and almost everyone understands the languages used by tourist, as most of the residents from this village are culturally connected with the Hindu Pilgrimage Badrinath. It is said, this village was blessed by Lord Ganesha himself.

Well, you are free to travel during any time of the year, if you are medically fit but a visit between March & September is comfortable & suggested.
During winter, you will find this place covered with snow and the entire population comes down to lower places.

Mana Village during winter

The nearest Railway station is Haridwar around 273 km from the Mana village and the nearest airport is Dehradun around 318 km from this village in Uttarakhand, India.

Mana village is one of the most liked tourist attraction near Badrinath, you will find small cottages decorated and carved gracefully by the villagers for themself.

So, What are you waiting for? Do the Alt+Tab and add the ancient Mana Village of Uttrakhand, India to your bucket list.

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