What not to care about?

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Caring is one aspect of our life that can bring happiness if done at the right place at the right time. But if vested in wrong things and people can make you miserably unhappy inside with a smiling face to cover.

From the very beginning of our life, we start caring for many things like our food, games, dress, friends, parents, siblings, pets, that small box of antique stones, or maybe the ice cream kept in the fridge.

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We fight for things we care about, we were taught to be caring and hopeful, we were taught how to react when we are hungry or angry, we were taught to respect & love. But the thing we were not taught is, how to not care for things & people in life, that really don’t matter & doesn’t care about us.

Many things in life, we can only learn from the experiences and can’t be taught, sometimes we understand, realize and act mature and sometimes we only expect. And when we do not get the things we expected in return for our showered care and love onto something or someone, it hurts.

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So, the very first thing you should not care about is the care, trust & love in return. Because the expectation of being cared the way you have cared & the expectation of trust the way you have trusted is something not to care about if you want that real smile on your face.

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Next is important, as this is linked to your goal, your dreams, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your trust, in yourself. “WORDS”! you must not care about the words meant to demoralize, demotivate and destroy your confidence. Never lose the focus and trust in your dream, because once you do that, these words will hold you back and stay with you as a curse.

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Then comes the “PEOPLE”! From birth till death we get to know many people with different perspectives, on one hand, you meet people of dignity, inspiration, positivity & nature to boost you up for good. On the other hand, you meet people full of jealousy, negativity & hindrance and these are the toxic people you need to stop caring much about.

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After the expectation of words from people, there are difficult situations that we care about, those care are due to fear, the fear of losing, fear of being left alone, fear of defamation & the fear for future, this is the most difficult time for anyone to decide whether to do or not to. These are those difficult times when you definitely get rid of and stop expecting good words from toxic people around you, this is the times when you have to choose between your dreams or goals and the views of people who do not have that qualification or expertise to explain.

So, don’t stop caring, because your selfless care may bring a smile to someone’s face, rather just stop expecting and always be ready to choose when it is needed.

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