Those Red Roses & Barbiturates! Just Published

Kolkata, a city with a unique smell that will make you fall in love, can sometimes break someone into pieces.


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Photo by Subrata Deb

A small tale of friendship, love, struggle, heartbreak & realization which is good enough to spend some time knowing the protagonist’s experience, digitally published on 15th June 2021 by Nethovers.

Avani, a simple girl from the big city of Kolkata, unwantedly falls in love at the right age and experience a tragic & unbearable heartbreak.

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Photo by Edward Eyer

A story that starts with a “Hi” from Bangalore to Kolkata and ended up with no words in Bangalore. A fairy tale for any girl who never believed in such emotions but deep inside always fancy for. The first meeting, those red roses and that hotel room made Avani leave everything behind.

The Author also added the flavour of her experiences of The Presidency College, the street of books and its smell.

Sabita Pandit, a first-time author with much courage decided to pen down this story partly based on a real-life incident shared with her.

Not everyone looks or search for love, but when they fall for it unknowingly, it either creates a great love story or a disastrous tale leading to someone’s life & death.

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