What if the other galaxies we know are just a reflection of our Milky Way

photo of constellation

In a recent report, an exoplanet has been discovered that closely resembles the Earth and is named KOI-456.01, which scientists have said as if they are looking in a mirror at our solar system. According to a “Max Planck Society” press release the newly discovered Planet & Sun is a mirror image of our Earth & Sun.

Ok, before getting into the topic let’s talk about facts that might help you to understand the logic behind this thought.


We all know what a mirror is and its uses, but the thing that we must focus on is that the concept of a mirror or watching an image reflection is as old as any civilization on earth, sometimes the natural mirror on the surface of the water, sometime on any metals like silver & aluminium and sometimes by using some inorganic chemical compound such as silver nitrate, sodium hydroxide, ammonia etc. Remember, reflections can be of different shapes & sizes depending on the curves on the surface that are reflecting and if placed at the right angle can create an illusion.

image credits: Steven Medeinbauer

Picture of our galaxy:

Let’s understand, we are a part of this galaxy our milky way, and we are inside it so, there is no way we can get an exact picture of what our Milky Way look like unless someone from outside the Milky Way took the picture and send it to us, but nothing like that ever happened and neither any of us nor anything from Earth ever went even outside of our solar system.

So, are we being tricked, about the picture of the Milky Way? No, we are not. A series of images from various directions from Earth and space was taken by telescopes like Hubble, Chandra, spitzer and space stations that can detect infrared, ultraviolet wavelengths and visible lights, then all the images were aligned scientifically and a panoramic view of our galaxy was created, which is not exact but the best we can have for now.

Ancient Astronomy:

Many of us believe that ancient philosophers, travelers & astronomers were more knowledgeable, accurate and way ahead of their time, but pick up any work from ancient times and you will find all the calculations were based on either 8 or 9 planets of our solar system and stars from our Milky Way only.

Creator: Nastasic 

Now, coming back to the question in question, what if the other galaxies and their planets and other deep space objects we know, told or shown, apart from our known galaxy are just reflections in various shapes & sizes of our Milky Way created due to unknown or mysterious chemical composition in the deep space from different directions and distances around our milky way.

Yes, it is possible, as we all know astronomers have their way to understand the universe around us with the help of light & sound and often use light echoes as their tool, and it is quite possible to fall trapped in deep space illusions because visible light travels in deep space and is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, so, as long as light fall on the right thing they will reflect and can re-reflect creating multiple reflections & a never-ending illusion of universe.

You might have thought about this or might not, but imagination encircles the World and the Universe, please comment below.

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