Riding Raindrops

A Journey of Dedication and Delight

Now, I won’t keep you wondering why I’m breathing so heavily. Let me explain everything to you in the next 30 minutes…

Life is pretty amazing right now. My name is Zomat, I’m 37 years old, and my highest qualification is failing my Intermediate exams. But hey, that doesn’t stop me from doing my job, which is delivering food parcels. I’ve got a tight schedule today—I need to cover 25 kilometers in just 30 minutes. To make matters worse, it’s about to start raining any minute now, and I forgot to bring my raincoat. Silly me, I know, but that won’t stop me from fulfilling my duty.

First things first, I check the petrol in my vehicle and make sure the air pressure is okay. With only 20 minutes left, I navigate through the chaotic traffic, desperately trying to reach my destination on time. And just as I feared, the rain starts pouring down heavily. But like a fearless rider, I race through the traffic, leaving the raindrops behind, with the rhythmic sound of droplets hitting my red helmet.

You know, when I was a kid, I never really took my studies seriously. I never enjoyed it, and that resulted in me failing my Intermediate exams multiple times. My father tried to put me in different things, but I always struggled to keep up due to my learning difficulties. People started labeling me as a fool, but my mother never believed in those labels. She always assured me that someday, I would find my calling. And here I am now, with only 10 minutes left to deliver fresh and delicious food to a hungry customer, packed securely in an all-proof container.

As I make my way through the final 8 kilometers, memories of my father’s last day resurface. He fell seriously ill, and we were rushing him to the hospital, which was only 8 kilometers away. Sadly, he took his last breath right in front of me, leaving me with his scooter—the same scooter that has become my favorite companion. But today, I find myself stuck in a jam, trying to find a way forward. This is where things take a turn. I come face to face with a traffic signal, its red light glaring at me, commanding me to stop. And here I am, with just 5 minutes left and 4 kilometers to go. It’s a crucial moment that will determine whether I receive a reward or disappointment.

With only 4 minutes remaining for the last leg of 4 kilometers, I pick up the pace. Every time I find myself in this situation, I realize the beauty of riding my scooter at full speed. The rain-soaked streets, the narrow lanes—there’s something magical about it all. With no one around but the welcoming streetlamps on both sides, I feel like I’m on a solitary journey. And those reflections on the road, shimmering under the raindrops, create a sight that can only be enjoyed during a downpour. I miss the deadline by a mere 3 minutes, but I finally locate the exact address for the delivery. I call the customer and wait patiently in front of a lovely home with an emerald-colored gate, surrounded by holy basil plants. I love observing different entrances—each one harboring unique stories, with people eagerly waiting for their food to arrive.

And then, as if by fate, the rain stops. And there she is, my customer, a graceful lady in her 50s, gracefully approaching me. Her eyes sparkle with a mix of gratitude and astonishment. With a radiant smile, she hands me the long-awaited food order. As I express my sincerest apologies for the delay, she insists on offering me a towel to dry myself off. In that moment, her gesture speaks volumes, conveying her genuine surprise and appreciation for my perseverance. It’s a reward that goes beyond words—a connection formed through shared understanding and empathy.

This is the reason why, as you witnessed in the beginning, I was breathing so heavily. It’s not just the physical exertion, but the anticipation of those smiles from my customers that drives me. You see, not every customer will reward you with kindness. Sometimes, frustration takes hold, and I completely understand that. After all, even I can get angry when I’m hungry!

Now, as I take a brief pause to dry myself off and prepare for my next adventure, I can’t help but feel a renewed sense of purpose. The smile in my customer’s eyes has reaffirmed the significance of my dedication, and I eagerly await the next opportunity to bring joy and satisfaction to hungry souls, one delivery at a time.

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