Do you remember life before the internet?

The internet has been a true blessing in our lives. I vividly recall how things were before its advent, and even during the early days when we only had dial-up connections. Reading the newspaper used to be a daily morning ritual for my father and the rest of us. It was the primary way to stay informed, and we all followed suit. If we had any questions, the best way to find answers was by talking to people and trying to locate the right person who could provide the information we sought. However, it was still quite challenging to gather all the knowledge we desired.

To satisfy our reading cravings, we would visit the library to explore storybooks and other essential texts that were unavailable at home. Since the internet wasn’t yet widespread, these trips to the library were quite enjoyable, as they provided limited options. It became apparent that wealthier individuals had greater access to information and knowledge, creating a barrier between the rich and the poor. Thankfully, this barrier was shattered when the internet was introduced, although initially, it wasn’t readily available for everyone at all times.

Additionally, watching your favorite movies without going to the cinema hall was not as convenient back then. Unless you had a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) at home or knew someone who did, it was quite challenging. I remember on special occasions, we would hire the necessary hardware and VCR tapes to enjoy movies, which added a touch of excitement to the experience. It required some effort and planning, but it was certainly a fun endeavor.

Nowadays, things have changed significantly. The internet has become an integral part of our lives, accessible to the masses. It has revolutionized the way we acquire information, breaking down socio-economic barriers and democratizing knowledge.

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