Brainwashing Technology: A Deadly Influence

With every passing day, what I have observed and realized is that people are getting dangerously close to the brainwashing technology available on their phones. They seem unaware that this short-term entertainment is actually making them dumb, effectively blocking their brain activity. Consequently, it casts a shadow over their decision-making ability, and it feels like we are not evolving in the right way.

While there are a few who understand the harmful effects and try to distance themselves and their loved ones from this technology, society tends to shun or even bully them. This addiction works like a slow poison, affecting our brains and ensnaring the majority of both adults and children. It’s alarming to see how this lethal poison gradually takes hold. It’s imperative that we recognize the gravity of the situation.

We must raise awareness and encourage individuals to break free from the addictive grip of smartphones. By reducing our dependence on these devices, we can reclaim our cognitive abilities and foster a society that values critical thinking and personal growth. It is time to liberate ourselves and ensure that our evolution moves in a positive direction.

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