What is your favorite season of year? Why?

☆Winter Delight☆

I personally prefer winter over any other season. I find great enjoyment in the winter months, as I am not particularly fond of summer due to my tendency to sweat excessively. Climate change has had an impact on the seasons, making spring a combination of summer and the rainy season, which diminishes the pleasure of experiencing a true springtime.

Winter, on the other hand, holds a special charm at my location. It is a season that brings a soothing and enjoyable atmosphere. The locals here even prefer to have their weddings during winter, as guests can comfortably wear their desired dresses, and their makeup remains intact. Additionally, people don’t tire easily during winter, allowing them to fully participate in and enjoy the festivities.

One of the highlights of winter is the opportunity to bask in the sun during the afternoon. Surprisingly, the sun’s rays are not scorching but rather provide just the right amount of heat needed to relish the chilly nights that follow. This balance between warmth and coldness adds to the overall enjoyment of the season.

Overall, I find great delight in the winter season and all the unique experiences it brings. So I consider myself as a Winter Soldier, how about you?

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