Describe one of your favorite moments.

☆Memorable Moments☆

It has been 39 years since my parents celebrated my birth, and throughout my life, there have been numerous memorable moments. I vividly recall my first day at school, where I was calm while observing other toddlers crying in my classroom. I remember the day when I first discovered that my private parts had purposes beyond urination and could be explored in various ways. The day I failed a class and had to repeat it with younger students remains etched in my memory. Over time, those very juniors became my friends. The first day of college holds a special place in my heart, as I skipped it to watch a movie.

There are countless moments that bring joy to my life as I find happiness in the simplest of things. However, my favorite memory is when my father embraced me tightly upon learning that I had successfully graduated. He had doubted my ability to complete my studies due to some health issues I faced.

And these are just a few of the many moments that bring a smile to my face when I reflect upon them.

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