In the Shadows of Machines

In the year 2120, chaotic and bustling streets are filled with people utilizing advanced technology to conduct their business. Cars with advanced features, capable of self-driving and even flying, are becoming more common, although air travel remains complex for many due to the decline in human intellect caused by addiction to cheap entertainment and brainwashing marketing propaganda.

Sadly, the Earth is now home to fewer species of birds and animals than it was a century ago. However, domesticated animals have undergone remarkable evolutionary changes due to their long-standing relationship with humans, making them smarter than many people.

Amidst this era of artificial intelligence, an elderly widow, untouched by electronic addiction and living with her pet cat named Oracle, decides to raise awareness about the dominance of machines over humans. She ventures out, speaking to people and trying to make them understand the negative impacts of unethical marketing and the need to be cautious when placing trust in machines. This woman, once a doctor and hailing from a financially stable family, finds support from her loyal pet, Oracle, and a few others who, although unaware of the situation, eagerly join her cause simply because they want to make a difference.

In the shadow of machines,

After days of protesting, the widow falls ill, leaving her son with no choice but to hire a housemaid named Rajni to care for her. Rajni, a modern-looking woman in her thirties, appears strong and capable. She provides the necessary care and love for the old woman and Oracle, eventually nursing the widow back to health. Over time, the elderly woman begins to suspect something peculiar about Rajni’s remarkable responses, tireless work, and vast knowledge. Despite her deteriorating vision and memory, it gradually dawns on her that Rajni is not a human maid but a robot.

Initially upset, the widow finds it difficult to reject Rajni as her companion due to the compassion, humanity, and patience that Rajni consistently displays, along with the unique bond that has formed between Rajni, Oracle, and herself. The three of them live happily until a deadly virus, claiming countless lives worldwide, tragically takes the old woman’s life.

Now, Rajni, left with Oracle as her only companion, embarks on a life where she learns to understand the language of Oracle and other animals. To Rajni, no animal is dumb or speechless; it’s merely that humans fail to comprehend their language., short stories
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