What countries do you want to visit?

☆Lazy Traveler Dreams☆

I want to travel to every country, but that doesn’t seem possible right now, mainly because I’m too lazy and quite content staying in my comfort zone. In fact, I even have a secondary comfort zone that I retreat to when someone urges me to step out of my primary comfort zone and do more. Although I make a few sacrifices, I still manage to find comfort in that next level of familiarity.

Now, let’s get to the countries I want to visit. Firstly, I’d love to explore my own country, India. There are so many places within India that I haven’t had the chance to see yet, and it’s a cost-effective option too. Secondly, Italy has always fascinated me with its stunning architecture, art, and rich history. I think I would need to spend three to four years there to truly get to know the place. After that, Turkey is another country I’d like to experience. It has a vibrant and diverse culture, and I would love to immerse myself in its beauty and interact with the friendly locals.

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