If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?

Dressing is something we should choose according to our comfort. However, from our childhood, we have often been compelled or obliged to wear specific outfits for particular reasons. For example, in school, we have uniforms that we are required to wear.

Even during college, especially in management studies, there might be dress codes to follow. Similarly, if you join the military, there are strict instructions to wear recommended attire only. And when you start working, certain places demand specific uniforms to be worn for more than eight hours a day, regardless of personal preference.

Surprisingly, many times we end up liking these outfits as they create an emotional connection with our work or environment. Personally, I enjoyed wearing my school uniform, but afterwards, I never had to wear anything I didn’t want to, except for the formal attire required in the office.

However, if I were to be compelled to wear something, I would choose a pair of jeans, a casual t-shirt paired with sports shoes or sandals, and maybe even a cap to add some flavor to my look from time to time.

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