Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

We all understand the importance of living a sustainable life in today’s world for the environment we live in. However, it can be difficult for many people due to irregular working hours, stress, and anxiety. Some might question how stress and anxiety can hinder one from living sustainably, as it is simply about doing things like planting trees, using less electricity, or following a healthy diet that doesn’t harm our health or the environment. But let’s consider a situation where a person works 9 to 10 hours a day and has other responsibilities. How can we expect someone in that position to consistently plan and practice sustainable living on a daily basis?

For me, it’s sometimes challenging to adhere to ethical guidelines that prevent contributing to global warming, especially on a daily basis. However, I make an effort to avoid wasteful use of water and electricity, which I believe is a fundamental step towards living a long and sustainable life on this beautiful planet. I also prioritize eating healthily and getting proper sleep, as this helps me mentally rejuvenate. By doing so, I can engage with others clearly and effectively, minimizing confusion and enhancing communication.

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