Worrisome Future

☆What are you most worried about for the future☆

In the future, what worries me the most is the diminishing sense of humanity among humans themselves. It seems like jealousy and disruptive egos are becoming prevalent, slowly taking control of people’s minds. I can already see a growing lack of trust among individuals. It saddens me to think that humans may become brainwashed, unable to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Everything will be driven by marketing and advertisements, shaping our thoughts and actions.

The constant bombardment of information and influences that we’ve been exposed to for years is starting to hinder us from pursuing a more meaningful and peaceful life. Instead, we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of solely focusing on earning money and seeking immediate gratification. The true essence of life seems to be slipping away as we become engrossed in the controlled, superficial entertainment that is being sold to us.

One of my deepest concerns is for the well-being of future generations. I worry about the impact this relentless pursuit of material wealth will have on their physical and mental health. Will they have the opportunity to truly live, explore, and enjoy life’s wonders? Or will they be trapped in a perpetual race, merely trying to earn enough to afford the basic necessities like oxygen and survival, burdened by the weight of ever-increasing taxes?

It pains me to imagine a world where we are reduced to mere spectators, watching a big screen plastered with advertisements, boasting about how a company is selling us the idea of planting trees and generating oxygen for a few dollars. It seems like genuine care for our environment and the well-being of others is being commodified and exploited.

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