Gods Unite in Jungle

After 5000 years of deep slumber, seven sages from different corners of the world awoke from their mysterious ‘agyatbas,’ reviving ancient wisdom. They gathered at a timeless meeting point, engaging in profound discussions. As they shared their timeless wisdom, their words echoed globally, carried by birds to every corner of the earth.

The sage from the East advised, “Find harmony in the dance of life,” his eyes mirroring the serenity of sunrise. From the West, the sage proclaimed, “Embrace storms; they reveal your inner strength,” his voice as steady as the ocean’s tides. The sage from the South gently reminded, “Nurture the earth, for it sustains all life,” her words as soft as the wind’s caress. Whispering from the North, the sage urged, “Look within; there lies the universe,” his gaze as penetrating as the northern star.

The sage from the center declared, “Celebrate diversity; it is the tapestry of existence,” her laughter ringing like the joy of spring. From the high mountains, the sage intoned, “Cherish moments; they are the jewels of time,” his presence as enduring as the peaks. And from the deep forests, the sage sang, “Love unconditionally; it is the key to boundless happiness,” his melody weaving through every heart.

These teachings spread far and wide, inspiring unity, wisdom, and love, awakening the spirit of people across the world.

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