Simple Impressions, Genuine Connections

☆What’s the first impression you want to give people?☆

Creating a lasting impression goes beyond appearances. While some may judge based on looks, it’s essential to recognize that simplicity doesn’t equate to carelessness. I personally value comfort in my attire, ensuring it doesn’t draw unnecessary attention. The idea that first impressions are the last impressions is flawed; it’s impossible to accurately judge someone solely on appearance.

In contrast to those who overjudge with a God complex, I believe in the importance of being genuine and not seeking unnecessary attention. When looking to impress for potential courtship or a love relationship, focusing on personal hygiene, politeness, humility, and a well-groomed appearance can go a long way. However, if genuine efforts are overlooked, it’s crucial to move forward confidently. Remember, true connections are built on more than just surface impressions.

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